Garage Workshops For Your Dream Garage

There are many different ideas for turning your garage workshop into a dream garage. A lot depends on the kind of workshop you want to have, and of course your budget. There are a few things that are essential for just about any kind of workshop.

One of them is lighting, and the other ventilation. Both are important, because you need to be able to see small details of your workshop projects, and some workshops, like woodworking create a lot of dust. You want to find an area that has windows, and ample lights. If your garage doesn’t have adequate lighting, you will need to install some overhead units, and even some spot lighting that you can move around where you need to.

Make sure that any windows you have can open up, and measure this space, to buy a two way fan, so you can draw the dust particles out, while providing fresh air.

The next step is of course electricity. While many garages have a few electrical outlets, this is also an area where you really have to think about your needs. Going back to the idea of a woodworking shop, there are going to be some power tools that you will need 220 outlets, and these are not something that you should try to install or hook up on your own. An electrician should be called and have some extra outlets installed, with a few extra breakers to handle the added load.

There are of course times of the year that you may want to work on projects but it is going to be too hot. Maybe you should consider buying a garage door screen so you can open up the doors and get all that hot stuffy air out. These are really not that expensive, just a few hundred dollars for quality screens, and they can even be installed on the door frame outside the actual door, which will allow you to close the door, and still leave the screen down.

Now it is on to organization and your work benches. You can go really cheap, or as expensive as your budget will allow. If you decide to build your own work benches, make sure they are solidly constructed, with 2x4s or 4x4s for the legs and frame, and 2×4 or 2×6 for the table surface. If of course you don’t need something that heavy duty, there are many other options.

You can actually buy tables with all kinds of storage space underneath, some that even have wheels on them for moving around. There are wall mounted work benches, with storage space built into the wall area, so when not in use, it simply folds up and locks up your valuable tools and unfinished projects.

No work shop should be without some kind of peg board system. If you feel that a peg board is just not sturdy enough, there are slotting boards so that all kinds of accessories will lock into place. These can include hooks and grabbers, organizing bins, and even baskets of all shapes and sizes, just to name a few. Of course these are just a few of the ideas for creating that perfect dream workshop in your garage, there are an abundance of resources online with other tips and information.